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1:21 AM
Social Bookmarking sites - get traffic

Sites like etc can bring you a LOT of traffic. How about getting 20,000 and more visitors a day when your listing hits the front page?
Getting to the front page of these sites is not as difficult as it seems. I have been successful with digg and (and not so much with Reddit though the same steps should apply to it as well) multiple times and have thus compiled a list of steps that have helped me succeed:

Many great articles go unnoticed on social bookmarking sites because their headline is not catchy enough. Your headline is the first (and very often the only) thing users will see from your article, so if you don't make the effort to provide a catchy headline, your chances of getting to the front page are small. 

Here are some examples to start with :- 

Original headline : The Two Types of Cognition 
Modified Headline : Learn to Understand Your Own Intelligence 

Original headline: Neat way to organize and find anything in your purse instantly! 
Modified Headline : How to Instantly Find Anything in Your Purse 

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